A 30 min massage

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My Bookings. Is 30 minutes enough time for a swedish massage? Treatments: Swedish Massage. Asked by rosalyn-gomersall. It all depends on your reasons for going for the massage and the areas you want treating. For a back massage, minutes is a good amount of time to give a thorough massage to the shoulders, neck and lower back. For work on other specific areas, then 30 minutes ona regular basis should be enough.

For a full body Swedish massage, I would recommend a minumum of 60 minutes and anything up to 90 minutes. For your first treatment I would suggest a full body massage, that way, the therapist can locate areas that may need more attention during future treatments. Search Treatwell for Swedish Massage near you. A 30 minute Swedish massage would not be sufficent time for a full body massage. Swedish Massage Swedish massage is the most popular massage there is.

It's a classic that will give you all the relaxation you need! By Beth Ludolf. Related questions I am looking for therapists for an International Women's Month event on 28th March. Any recommendations? I have terrible posture and it's making my shoulders and neck incredibly tense. United Kingdom.

A 30 min massage

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