Above average blkman wants a wife material female

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No man wants to come home to a wife with whom he has nothing to say. He wants laughter, real talk, serious talk, engaging stories. He wants to share forever and remain faithful to a sexy woman who connects with his kind of sexiness. A man wants not just a good wife but a good mother. She has to have nurturing qualities. He wants someone who will correct him with tender love, better him, inspire him, and encourage him, be his pillar pushing him to growth.

He looks at the woman and asks "Besides being sexy and beautiful, what value can she add to my life? A grown man looks for a grown woman to settle down with, a woman who has shed off her childish tendencies and wants something real.

He will look at what excites her, how she carries herself; is she ready for a grown man's love and responsibility, or is she still a girl in a woman's body? He will not baby sit in marriage. A man wants a wife who will be true to her emotions but not allowing her emotions to influence her decisions. Is her temper out of control, is she an alcoholic, is she having low self-esteem, is she insecure in an unhealthy way? He doesn't want an emotional wreck who is irrational, doing and saying things out of impulsive and misplaced emotions.

He wants a solid and consistent woman, anchored in certainty, a Queen in charge of herself. Some women are hard-headed, know it all, too independent and rigid to the point that the thought of having a home with them and living together is like inviting war. He wants no headaches but a woman he can reason with, compromise with, and form a formidable team with. He will study her reputation, how she talks, how she thinks.

He wants a woman who will be a role model to their children, a woman he will want his daughter to grow up to be like. Passion in a woman is attractive. He wants a wife who will cover him, clothe his nakedness and defend his honor. One who will fight battles with him and for him because that will make him go to any lengths to keep her by his precious side. A man will pay close attention to her friends as this reveals alot about her. A woman's friends can be a stumbling block to a fruitful marriage, they have alot of influence; they can feed her wrong ideas or sharpen her to greatness, they can wrongly advice her or rightly support her in building the best kind of love.

They put up walls and make the man struggle just to love her. A man wants a wife receptive to his love, one easy to love, approachable, open to his affection. She is the type who will make him want to propose, want to be a father, want to say "I love you", a keeper. Because of her, he does amazing things he never thought he was capable of, he looks at himself and sees husband material ready for her.

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Above average blkman wants a wife material female

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