Absolutely real dudelets meet up

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Short URL. They all drink Vodka Cranberries 2. Guys who are architects are hot. Suits are impressive. Long distance relationships rarely work. Nothing good happens after 2 a. Lemon law is legal and practical. Do not dump a girl on an answering machine… on her birthday… then find her again three years later… date her for three weeks… and then dump her again… on her birthday.

Some women find guys with muscular legs sexy. Relationship-winning cupcakes are delicious. Some mistakes need to be made, even though you know it is a mistake. Slap bet can solve things as effectively as paper-rock-scissors. Porcelain tub keeps a suit from wrinkling. At every party there is at least one girl, who knows absolutely nobody at that party. You could sit around and wait for life to give you the answers, or you can grab life by the crack and lick the crap out of it.

Swords on the wall of your apartment makes the place that much more awesome. Never make a tape of sorrow to your ex-girlfriend…because you never know who might find out about it. Not-playing laser tag is worse than playing laser tag, because laser tag is awesome. How some girls dress for prom is decided by going ho, or going home. A girl that can insult something you hate by referencing something you love, makes her that much hotter.

Frosting makes some people lie. If your really desperate, the only reason to wait a month before having sex is if the girl is 17 years and 11 months old. Just do do do. A good mix should be all rise. The groom may have a say in the wedding, but the bride always wins. A cougar is an older woman in her 40s or 50s, single, and on the prowl for a younger man. Crazy eyes are indicators of future mental instability. One of the 24 similarities between girls and fish is that they are both attracted to shiny objects. Brunch is for couples ONLY.

The only hot girls that troll the Internet for dudes are crazy, hookers or dudes. Hanging out at a coffee place is not nearly as fun as hanging out in a bar. When you get sad, you should stop being sad and be awesome instead.

Relationships are like a freeway; they have many exits, a carpool lane, and you can stay on as long as you want. There is a difference between effect and affect. While baseball, guns and strippers can help, the only thing that can really heal a broken heart is time.

Mayo is a good ingredient for anything in Minnesota. Zitch Dog is a good car game. Battleship is not an internationally recognized code name for sex. Lawyering someone is tripping them up by asking a series of questions. Baskice ball is a better name than iceket ball and there are no rules to baskice ball, you just wail on each other. The only good part about backgammon is the gammon, the rest belongs in the trash.

Wood glue should not be used to construct tables. Do bad things, and good things happen. However this typically happens when you act like a jerk. Just remember: Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just end up flat on your back, flailing around in a big pile of horse crap. Big boards equals big luck. The Naked Man when the man poses naked in the room after a first date, waiting for the women to return and thus get sex works 2 out of every 3 times.

Lightsabers will be a viable object in households in years. It just that…. Want a free doughnut? Just bump into a Canadian. If you need a great job, all you need to do is just to make an awesome video , then turn down the first two offers you get for something better. Nothing, And Everything, Is Possimpible. There are four possible motives for having Lunch with an Ex.

They want to get back together. They want to kill you. They actually do want to give you your stuff back. To rub in your face how cool their doing. There is nothing funnier than a chimpanzee wearing 2 tuxedos. Sometimes, the only difference between real life and a porno is that real life has better lighting. A Canadian marriage is a lot like their money or their army. Nobody takes it seriously. How I Met Your Mother. View Separately. Shotgun for eternity! Barney: Shotgun for eternity! Barney: I just called it. Barney: I call that I can call things!

I finished season 1 last night! Do you want my Xbox? Barney: thinking that Ted is referring to Robin Shame on you! She has a name! What kind of man do you think I am? Ted: Uh, someone who likes video games? Source: youtube. Call me crazy but child actors were way better in the 80s. Pop-up View Separately. Effector Theme — Tumblr themes by Pixel Union.

Absolutely real dudelets meet up

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