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The south grade building will house the first four grades which require seven rooms, the capacity of the building. The proposal as outlined would make an ideal school plant for Belleville and sentiment about the business section in general is favorable to the plan as the logical solution to a school problem which must be met at once. Either the first or last suggestions, however, would only be temporary and the issue. Under, the proposal bonds would be issued over a period of 20 years and would moan an average levy of two and one-half mills for retirement of bonds.

They have also" installed a new Western Grain Cleaner of the latest type making, ready for the summer harvest. Gillan of the Gil- Ian Bros. Bakeries Monday morning, while trucking a load of flour into Belleville. When about a mile south i of town he took his hand from the steering wheel long enough to strike a match and the car skidded in the graveled road and turned on its side in the ditch. Gillan escaped with only a few minor scratches, but most ; of the flour sacks were broken open ' in the crash.

The city of Norway will soon have ; gravelled streets, Ihaving ed a I contract Wednesday whereby the W. Shivers Construction Co. Sand is being! A special turntable arrangement enables each gang to follow its own row. It prevents interference with the work and eliminates strains on the frame when one team gets ahead of the other. The gangs move freely on the spreader pipe to suit- varying distances between rows. The wheels and disks follow the sides of the ridges, and the gangs shift left or right on the pipe so that the shovels ai'e doing the most efficient work at all times. The view above shows the right gang set for first cultivation and the left for second.

We have this lister cultivator in stock, and will gladly demonstrate and tell you moi'e about. Half fare for children. Organizing for economical agricultural development in co-operation with the Kansas' State Chamber of Commerce, representatives from 13 counties of central and northern Kansas met at Salina, Kan. Jones, president of the Salina Chamber of Commerce.

Representatives were selected, one from each of the 13 counties present, to meet and organize and prepai'e a platform and program for organization purposes in each of the 13 counties as well as a general organization. Object of the organization is sixfold: Economical development of the agricultural resoui'ces of the 13 counties in co-operation with the State Chahiber of Commerce in its agricultural development program. A part of the program of which consists of making the high priced lands of this section produce more profit- able-incomcy-not through the specializing of wheat production but by diversification.

The high points raised in this program were, not more dairy cows, but more dairy production with fewer costs; how it could be accomplished through breeding and cow testing associations. Second, building up soil fertility, and maintenance of moisture thro. Third, keeping in touch with supply and demand for the purposes of profitable marketing. Fourth, furthering the efficiency of our 4-H Club Boys and Girls, by giving them the opportunities of Select breeding, showing and profitable sales.

Fifth, the promotion of clubs for the purchase of Bettor Dairy and Beef Sires. Sixth, an early Winter Show, for exhibiting the. This organization and show will in no way conflict with the county fairs, but will work with and assist to the ultimate end that all prize winning animals from the fairs would assemble at the early winter show at Salina, which would be followed by the Kansas National Live Stock Show at Wichita ,the Ak-Sar-Ben Show at Omaha, the American Royal, Kansas City, and the International Live Stock Show at Chicago.

It was brought out by one speaker of the evening that the Old City Limit was a of the darker ages. That the rural and urban communities were co-operating for community advancement, and a line of such distinction can no longer be distinguished. Representatives invited from Republic county: H. Alkire, W. Vance, T. Charles, Chas. Aspegren, G.

Bramwell, A. Moss, A. Miller, Jr. Porter Ahrens, E. Barnard, Doc Arrowsmith. Those attending were A. Moss, Joe Urban, W. Vance, Doc Arrowsmith, Chas. Aspegren, W. Chas Aspegren was selected by the Republic County representation present, to represent Republic County in drawing up a future program for adoption. Clai-a Lang of Morrowville, and Mr. Walter Young of Washington, occured Decem,bor 26, but has been kept secret on of the bride's school work.

The announcement has been made the past few days. Both the bride and groom are graduates of the Morrowville high school. The past year the brido has been teaching school north of that place. The groom is the son of Mr. Young and is a salesman for the Frager Motor Co. Walker is the youngest daughter of Mrs. Myrtle Sanderson of Union and has been a most successful school teacher for several years. Walker is a son of Mr. Ira Walker of near Belleville, and is a promising young man. They will go to housekeeping on a farm near Munden. Schmmerhom, both of Fairbury, Nebr.

Miss Mildred L. Keprta of Cuba was united in marriage to Beryl M. Zirkle of Los Angeles, Calif. A wedding which came as a surprise to their many friends was that of Miss Berthal M. Gleason of Belleville and Kenneth N. Adkins of Carrolton, Mo. Miss Marjorie M. Vreugdenhil and Orval W. Hill, both of i Grand Island, Nebr. A, Reese. Miss Abgail A. Northnip and D. Guidon, both of Fairfield, Nebr.

Errlt Elliott, Republic, a boy, Sunday, May Tallent, Belleville, a boy, Sunday, May 4. Lyle Elliott, Republic, a boy, Saturday, May Lloyd Lindberg, Scandia, a girl, Saturday, May Victor Isaacson, Scandia, a boy, Tuesday, May Frank Hruza, Belleville, a boy, Friday, May Snook, Belleville, a boy, Monday, 'May Johnson, Belleville, a gii May Perry purchases a swanky new straw for the Post Masters' Convention Fry and J. Hogin reminiscing over a photii'graph of an early day Belleville band..

Ward, of Belleville and student at the College of Emporia, is planning to conduct classes in voice and piano at Scandia and Republic this summer. Miss Ward will complete a three year music course in the fine ai-ts de- liartment of the college the last of this month. She was a member of the Emporia glee club and the Vesper Chorus, and was also elected to membership in the Mu Phi sorority, national honoray music organization.

Swift Check Book Stolen. A book containing Swift and Co. Brown and V. The man has been operating in Topeka, Lawrence and Ottawa as checks have come back from there. Windmill Fall Fatal. A fall from the foot tower of a' windmill on a farm near Steele City, Nebr. He was repairing the mill and replacing the head when a pin slipped allowing the head to fall against him, pushing him from the platform to the cement walk below.

A temporary halt was called in the session of district court here yesterday morning, occasioned by the illness of Judge Tom Kennett. The court is temporarily. The suit brought by Mrs. Snider, as administrator of the estate of John Studley, deceased, against G. Blackburn, was almost completed Tuesday night, and after final pleas by attorneys when Judge Kennett returns, will reach a verdict.

The case involves a claim by the estate that a note given by Blackburn is unpaid, while Blackburn coiytends the note has been satisfied. No decision relative to the motion has been made by Judge Kennett. The divorce case brought by Velma Mitchell against W. Mitchell was continued to Monclay,"" because of non-appearance of witnesses. Suit to quiet title, brought by A. Stevenson, et al vs.

Ames, et al, brought decision quieting title as prayed, while a similar verdict was given in the,,quieting title suit of Chas.

Girls Belleville Kansas hill Belleville Kansas wanting sex

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