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Not necessarily, FSU study finds. Men are more prone to competitive risk taking and violent behavior, so what happens when the of men is greater than the of women in a population? The study was based on a review and analysis of work on the topic conducted by Maner and others. Although ecological sex ratios have been investigated extensively in nonhuman species, they play a crucial role in humans as well. Many factors can produce sex ratio imbalances, including wars , which kill more men than women, and sex-differentiated migration patterns. In order to compete, the males of many species will often resort to competitive risk taking or violent behaviors to attract females.

In human males this means attention-grabbing, riskier behaviors like overextending financially to purchase status symbols, riding motorcycles and fighting. But there are other male responses that are lesser known and, Maner point ed out, more typical of females. Man e r said his study also revealed this crisscross of traits works in the opposite direction with women adopting behavior more typical of men when they are in the overrepresented population. Maner mentioned men of low socioeconomic status as an example.

Ladies want real sex FL Tallahassee 32306

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More men more problems? Not necessarily, FSU study finds