Lookin for midnight pounding

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Exciting news! up by taking the survey! I just about lost my shit. By the time I turned 13, I had spent all my time reading books that were above my comprehension level, and not in a cute way. I did the same thing with my beat-up copy of Emma , where I barely could piece together the confusing verbiage but DEF knew I wanted Mr. Knightley to plant one on me. I spent the next three years of my life reading the steamy but chaste, PG in theory but PG in fact s of each of those books under my covers with an actual flashlight, Junie B. Jones style. Every day I read the Twilight Lexicon Blog, a stan blog that shared daily updates from the Twilight universe, including anecdotes of how much Stephenie Meyer loved to rock out to Muse while writing, or fan fiction inspired by 2- passages from the book.

After the lunacy that was Breaking Dawn compounded with the runaway train that was Twilight , the film, I started to see my obsession in a different light when I was For years I used my love of Twilight as the punchline to the joke that is my existence, and people ate it up. I put my beat up copies in storage. I donated my shirt with the crest of the Cullens on it. I removed Twilight Lexicon Blog from my bookmarks. I finally feel the sun on my glittering, adamantine vampire skin!!! It was hot and tense. I will walk away from my local bookstore unabashed.

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Lookin for midnight pounding

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