Missing the connection between 2 people

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The fear of missing out, or settling down, can bring a perfectly good relationship crashing down. He's got good values, he's emotionally intelligent, they share similar interests, he's attractive, he's kind. But in the back of her mind, there's this niggling doubt about the relationship. Maybe she's just not that into him? Is there enough of a spark and does a 'spark' actually exist? Is she over her ex? She's been turning that idea over in her mind for the past few months, trying to work out why she's reluctant to commit to someone who's totally smitten with her.

He started questioning his first big relationship, even though there wasn't anything specifically wrong with it, and actually they were pretty compatible. And it kind of scared me a little bit," he said. That search for greener pastures has been pushed even further by online dating and social media, ensuring relationship FOMO is just a swipe or scroll away.

FOMO may sound very , but in the years since there's actually been a bunch of research on how it affects us - particularly young people. Investing a lot of time in searching for alternatives - whether that's hitting the apps or sliding into DMs - can be a pretty treacherous path to go down, according to relationships expert Dr Gery Karantzas, from Deakin University. Once you've worked that out, the question then becomes: is that a deal breaker, or could it be worked on?

When you're dating, the fear of missing out on someone better can end a perfectly good relationships before it's even had the chance to bloom. In this episode, we find out why you're moving on too quickly and how to slow down and smell the roses. Or is it that you have set the benchmark so high, that no one will ever live up to your expectations? Now she's torn between two conflicting fears: that spending more time on the relationship could mean settling; and the risk of giving up something pretty good if not amazing , which she might not find again.

At some point, I think we have to just be like, I'm content. Keen for a more in-depth dive into relationship FOMO? Head to The Hook Up's podcast here. Hack Home Podcast Contact. Tuesday 13 April pm. Image: Unsplash. Share Facebook Twitter Mail Whatsapp. On paper, the guy Anna's been seeing lately ticks all the boxes. Is there someone else better out there?

They're familiar, thorny questions for Matt in WA. She was devastated. He recommended using that time to assess your current relationship instead. Have you got relationship FOMO?

Missing the connection between 2 people

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