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By Reuters Staff. Following the example of its neighbor Sweden, Norway criminalized buying sex in , but critics said the law would push prostitution underground, making women more vulnerable and increasing the likelihood of violence against them. Nations like Finland, France and England have adapted a partial ban, making it illegal to buy sex from a person who was trafficked or pimped. Foreign governments have been carefully watching the effectiveness of the more comprehensive Norwegian and Swedish approach, which punishes buying but not selling.

However, the lower demand has resulted in lower prices, a problem for prostitutes who often come from poor countries and have few other options to earn a living, the report said. The nearly report is based on six months of research, including interviews with male and female prostitutes, police and support organizations.

The Norwegian law applies to all its citizens anywhere, making it illegal for Norwegians to buy sex even in countries where the activity is accepted. Penalties for breaking the law are set by local municipalities. Lifestyle Updated. By Reuters Staff 3 Min Read.

Norge woman sax

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